Renew your membership

The Full Membership annual subscription is £20. The Associate Member rate is £10, and Life Membership is £300.

You may use your Reward Points online in full- or part-payment for your subscription. For information about this scheme please check the Reward Points page. For this to work we use payment by direct bank transfer using the BACS system, for which you will need to use your personal Online Banking facility.

This method also avoids members having to pay any additional fees: online renewals are the same price as renewing using cash or cheque.

If you do not use Online Banking then we’re sorry, but you’ll have to use the traditional method, i.e. download the renewal form and send it off with a cheque.


Driving Mirror is available on the club website, in colour, the same day that it goes to the printer. However, if you wish to continue to receive a printed copy in the post, please answer YES to the relevant question on the form. There is no additional fee.


IF YOU DO NOT USE, OR HAVE ACCESS TO, ONLINE BANKING THEN PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER. Instead please download the renewal form and post it with a cheque in the traditional way. You may use your Reward Points when renewing by post, but first please check your total in the online table, then enter the number you wish to use in the space on the form.

Online renewal is a 2-stage process: stage 1 is to complete the electronic form on this page; stage 2 is to use your Online Banking service to make your payment; this avoids incurring any charges. It might seem cumbersome, but it’s still easier than writing a cheque and posting it with a form.

The electronic Renewal Form below is simple and self-explanatory, but please read the following notes before you start:

Be sure to press ‘Continue»‘ or ‘Submit‘ at the foot of each page, until you receive confirmation that you’ve finished. You may also use the ‘«Back’ button to check or amend anything you’ve already entered.


Before you start, first please check your Reward Points total in the online table, then enter the number of points you wish to redeem. The points will be deducted from your total when your renewal is processed.


Please add up the cost of your membership, associate membership, and any stickers you order; then deduct the value of all the Reward Points (£1 each) to reach the total amount due. You must then complete the second stage of the process by using your personal online banking service to make a BACS transfer. The Club’s Membership account details are shown within the form, but if you need a reminder they are as follows:

Account name: BMCLCC
Sort Code: 30-62-32
Account number: 30511068
Payment reference: your POSTCODE & SURNAME

Your renewal will be processed only when payment via BACS is received.


If you need to update your address or phone details then please send a separate email showing the changes to

You may download a printable PDF version of the notes for reference if you wish.

Now here’s the form: