What is the MX5 Challenge?

The MX5 Challenge was started in 2015 as a relatively low-cost entry into motorsport using a popular, competent car.  

MX5s can be bought for under £1000 and even mk3 MX5s can be bought for under £2000.  With that in mind, a competitor can buy an MX5, add some decent suspension, have good quality tyres and win the MX5 Challenge championship… it’s been done.

Safety modifications to the cars are not mandatory (such as a Roll Bar) however it is advisable, especially for the speed events for the simple reason that Motorsport can be dangerous. 

Over the years the championship has been running, the rules (regulations) have been tweaked to make the mk1 (NA), mk2 (NB) and mk3 (NC) very closely matched with the mk3 having more power, but also more weight.  For this reason, we’re keen to keep the spirit of only allowing a few modifications and also aligning with Motorsport UK’s road-going class.  This means that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to catch up with existing competitors and sticks to our ethos of encouraging low-cost motorsport.

By keeping everything low-cost and evenly matched, we’ve created a championship that’s closely competitive with the top times regularly being within fractions of each other.  There is always a good number of entries at the events and we’re a sociable group.