The Great Western Sprint

Saturday 23 March 2019

Great Western Sprint Course

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This, the first multi-lap sprint to run at Castle Combe, was the brainchild of Paul Parker, with the help of Mark Chater, drawing on the experience of running the similar format at Llandow. For the first running of the event in 2008, it was organised jointly with Bristol Pegasus Motor Club.

1¾ laps of the Castle Combe circuit equates to a competitive run of 3.3 miles; it was then, and probably still is, the longest sprint course in the country. It has been a qualifying round of the British Sprint Championship from the start, and thus attracts the biggest, fastest, most spectacular sprinters in the UK!

Its March date means that for many it is the first sprint of the season, and reliability issues have occasionally led to some running delays, which haven’t been helped by the unpredictable nature of the weather. However, over the years the organising team have refined the operation to surmount most of the difficulties, or at least those over which they have some control!

The principal trophies presented for this event are The Hastings Trophy for Fastest Time of the Day, and The Castle Combe Plate for the Best Performance by a Bristol MC member.

Results of the last Great Western Sprint

All our sprints require organising and marshalling, so even if you don’t compete there are outlets for a wide range of other skills and interests.

Contact: Event Secretary Ady Taylor 07957 545432.

Detailed competitor information, with Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form, will be published on this website a few weeks before the next event