The Roy Fedden Sporting Trial

Sunday 11 November 2018

This year’s Roy Fedden Trophy Sporting Trial was again run very successfully at our Old Down venue near Thornbury and we thank all those Competitors who entered.

It was such a shame that the Event ended with John Cole’s roll two thirds of the way through Round 3. The conditions were pretty good after heavy rain on Saturday as we were laying out the sections. With a relatively small entry, the event flowed smoothly and everyone I spoke to was enjoying the day. We are delighted to hear that Anne is making good progress and I’m sure that you will all want to join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.

After quite a lot of deliberation, we have decided to call the result at the end of Round 2.
Only a few Competitors completed the round but there was not one hill in this round completed by everyone. I played around with some average scores Class by Class but because you have groups starting on different Hills it is very difficult to be sure to achieve a fair result – hence the decision.

Thank you again to our Results team of Allen Harris and Nick Rainbow for their excellent support and taking pressure off me on the day and particularly allowing me to assist the ambulance crews in their difficult job of getting to Anne and assessing her condition. The ambulance crews were amazing getting Anne out of the wood on a stretcher. I would also like to highly praise our marshals and paramedic in reacting so quickly to the accident and for their very professional handling of it. Thanks also to Dave Harris as Clerk of the Course and to Angie again helping me with signing on and other Secretarial duties. Once again we also had an excellent turn-out of marshals.

The Final Results for the Event are available for download and the Awards are as follows:-

Winner – Roy Fedden Trophy – John Fack (Red Independent)

Runner-Up – Alexander Duckham Trophy – Julian Fack (Red Independent)

1st Class Blue – Independent – Martin Grimwood

2nd Class Blue – Independent – Nick Speed

1st Class Blue – Live Axle – Arthur Carroll

1st Rookie – Sam Beare

Roy Fedden Bouncer’s Trophy – Andy Gowen

Congratulations to John for regaining the Trophy after a gap of 3 years.

If anyone would like to write anything for our Club magazine, please could you email that to Matt Nichols (
Thank you for your support, from Competitors, Officials and Marshals. We hope you will return next year. Have an enjoyable remainder of the Season, a Happy Christmas and New Year.
Tony Streeting – Secretary of the Meeting

(Download a PDF of this summary)

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