Driving Mirror (September – October 2021)

Chairman’s Chat – One of Motorsport UK’s better initiatives enabling 14yo’s to compete at AutoSOLO.
Motorsport UK – Read the latest from our governing body.
Paul Hemmings (1943—2021) – We recognise the incredible contribution this man made to Bristol Motor Club.
Full Datsun rebuild – Following a Wiscombe ‘incident’ Ben Stapley completes a full strip and rebuild.
Simon makes a Radical move – The Radical also suffers a Wiscombe ‘incident’ leading to the Lancer coming back out.
Trigger’s Broom – Mike’s Sylva Striker story – Mike Smith takes us through his Stiker’s history and latest post accident rebuild.
Wroughton AuoSOLO – Our new venue is vast, Andy Laurence shares his day. Pictures: Matt Nichols.
Drive By – It’s spider season in Yeovil, a place some people stay for a very long time.
2021 Events – Homeward straight. No Fedden, but the Allen Trial, AGM & 2020 Awards are all on.

The next Driving Mirror deadline is Friday 3rd December 2021