Driving Mirror (Sept – Oct 2020)

September – October 2020 Edition

Chairman’s Chat: Frustrating end to the season, but OMG was that Wiscombe Live Streaming good.
Motorsport UK: Latest guidance on wearing Face Masks.
Mary Bartlett on their hot new Mazda: With the Air Con removed, is there anything that can keep this car cool.
Speeding out of Lockdown: Andrew Till on his season in the Fiesta ST.
Live Streaming from Wiscombe Park: Andy Laurence with help set this up to phenomenal effect. Not easy though.
Radically Improving: Dave continues the story this time and things are beginning to gel.
The Welsh Weekend that nearly wasn’t: Mark Tooth how close that was before reflecting on an excellent Sunday.
More from Mary on the Tumultuous Turbo: At Pembrey things got even hotter.
Targa -View from the passenger seat: John Hollins choses to sit in the silly seat. Here’s how he got on.
Drive By: Chris has ditched his company car in favour of something a little more, well errrm…!
2020 Events Calendar: More cancellations I’m afraid. Bugger.

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