Driving Mirror (March – April 2023)

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Driving Mirror March – April 2023

Chairman’s ChatWe’re no more at odds with impacting the environment than many other pastimes.

RevolutionLatest News and Reviews from Motorsport UK.

Navscatter NewbiesMary Bartlett accompanies Pekka on their first NavScatter.

Ariel Factory Visit – Take Two – Huw Bowen picks up the pen this time after another great day out.

Cotswold Clouds – Finisher – Third time of asking Dave G, this time with Andy T, get the Marlin home.

The Price of a Bacon Roll – Shaun West explains where his passion of the ICE came from, oh and bacon rolls.

MR2 – Exeter Trial 2023 – Mike Smith and Paul Barker throw the dice one last time in Mike’s MR2.

That’s better – Competitive again – James Hurford is finally making his Mk2 MX5 work for him.

Winter Decisions – Season Start – Phil Oliver sorts his NB MX5 out over the Winter and has a cracking start to 2023.

Drive-By – Celebrating 50,000 miles in a sixteen year old Vauxhall Vectra.