Committee Digest: November 2020

Committee Digest November 2020

It’s been a tough year, but we’ve come through it just fine.  This was the last committee meeting of the year and we had a few things to discuss.  With our AGM taking place via email, we finalised the paperwork for the 2021 committee.  Nick Rainbow is returning to the the committee, which is great news, although we still require a social secretary to organise our social events.

We decided to consolidate the MX5 Challenge website and our main website into a single site.  Andy Thompson worked hard to bring the content over from the old site, Andy Laurence stood up a new website in a more performant host and Andrew O’Malley decommissioned the old server.  Thanks to those involved and apologies for the errant email that came out this week as a result.

We decided that MyClubHouse has been a real success for membership and event entries.  The first year has seen us test the cancellation process more times than we’d like and aside from a few small issues, it’s been well received by all the officials and many positive comments have come back from the membership.  We will have a more in-depth review in a sub-committee meeting.  Please give us your views on the software and if you’d like to be involved.

Coming into the muddy season, we’ve got wind of a possible new section for the Allen Classic Trial.  It’ll have to be 2021 as Covid has struck it off the 2020 calendar.  We’re also looking to run a 4×4 trial for normal 4×4 road cars; SUVs, pickups or whatever you have.  Straight from the school run and onto the fields.  If you’re interested, please let us know!

We’re also running a winter simulator series using Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 as we did at the start of lockdown.  It’s closed to club and all members will get an email shortly.

Paul Hemmings has arranged to move some of our investments into more lucrative pots.

Andy Laurence has taken over as Competition Secretary from Paul Parker, who has been in the role for many years.  Paul had already sorted most of the calendar and here’s the confirmed dates so far…

Committee Digest November 2020

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