2023 Great Western Sprint: Marshal & Spectator Info


We are short of marshals for the Great Western Sprint next Saturday 14th October.  Whether you’re experienced or not, we have space for you at the event.  In exchange for your time, you will get an unrivalled view of the competition with a roof to shade the sun and a free hot lunch.  Get in touch with Mark Benstock if you can help.


There is no charge for spectators.  Please use the competitors entrance and park on the grass.  Practice starts at 09:00 and timed runs will commence shortly afterwards, likely around 11:00 with a break for lunch likely after the first timed runs.  You can listen to commentary through the live stream on Facebook and YouTube and live timing on the TSL Timing website.  The cafe will be open all day with indoor and outdoor seating, hot food and toilets.  You can view the competition from the spectator banking around the circuit and see the cars and drivers up close in the paddock.  Download the entry list here or view below.

Number Driver’s Name Make Model Class Capacity 2nd driver
Class A0 Junior Drivers Class competing in Standard Cars up to 1400cc
84 Holly Woolley Smart Roadster A0 698T  
Class A1 Roadgoing Series Production Cars up to 1400cc
83 David Ashurst Fiat Punto Sporting A1 1368  
82 Paul Prance MG ZR A1 1396  
Class A2 Roadgoing Series Production Cars over 1400cc up to 1800cc
776 Mark Tooth Lotus Elise A2 1796 Claire Tooth
80 Donald Gay toyota mr2 A2 1794  
79 Ian Billett Mazda MX5 A2 1600  
78 Peter Ramsden Toyota MR2 SMT A2 1794  
77 Christopher Wells Mazda MX5 NC 2010 A2 1800  
76 Claire Tooth Lotus Elise A2 1796 Mark Tooth
Class A3 Roadgoing Series Production Cars over 1800cc up to 2600cc
762 Christopher Burch Mazda MX-5 RS A3 1840
Richard Morton
75 Andrew Howe Mazda MX5 A3 1999  
74 Dan Trotman Toyota GR Yaris A3 1618T  
73 Davie Man Alfa Romeo 4C A3 1750T  
72 Michael Wells Mazda MX5 NC A3 1999  
71 Steven Adams Porsche Boxster A3 2500  
70 Trevor Harland Toyota GR Yaris A3 1600T  
69 Trevor Park Toyota Yaris GR A3 1600T  
68 Andrew Hamlyn Mazda Mx5 A3 1840  
67 Ian Chambers Porsche Boxter A3 2500  
66 Martin Prescott Ford Fiesta ST A3 1596T  
65 Pekka Tulokas Mazda MX5 A3 1800T  
64 Pete Goodman Lotus Elise 220 A3 1800T  
63 Stuart Browne Ford Fiesta ST A3 1596T  
62 Richard Morton Mazda Mx-5 RS A3 1840
Christopher Burch
Class A4 Roadgoing Series Production Cars over 2600cc
61 Matthew Bennett Porsche 91- turbo A4 3600T  
60 Nick Davies BMW 330D A4 2960T  
59 Dave Broadway Tesla Mod 3 Performance A4 0  
58 Philip James Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 A4 4000  
Classe B2 Road Cars Specialist Production- Car engines 1400cc to 1800cc and over 1800cc
756 Chris Price Caterham 7 Roadsport B2 1796 Chris Bennett
753 Conrad Holmes Caterham 7 B2 1600
Patrick Holmes
57 Steve Hill Caterham 7r400 B2 1795  
56 Chris Bennett Caterham 7 Roadsport B2 1796 Chris Price
55 James Nash * Caterham Roadsport B2 1796  
54 Michael Smith SYLVA Striker B2 1679  
53 Patrick Holmes Caterham 7 B2 1600
Conrad Holmes
Classe B3 Road Cars Specialist Production- Car engines over 1800cc & all M/C engines
750 Adrian Clements Westfield Seiw B3 1340
William Arscott
52 Gary Dawkins Lotus Exige B3 3500T  
51 Paul Harvey Westfield SE B3 1999  
50 William Arscott Westfield Seiw B3 1340
Adrian Clements
Classes C1 Modified Series Production Cars – engines up to 1400cc
748 Aaron Smith Austin Mini Cooper S AppK KAD C1 1293 Piers Thynne
49 Keith Forrest Austin Mini C1 1380  
48 Piers Thynne Austin Mini Cooper S App K KAD C1 1293 Aaron Smith
Classes C2 Modified Series Production Cars – engines over 1400cc up to 1800cc
47 Elen Worthington Lotus Elise S1 C2 1796  
46 Nigel Smith Ford Escort Mark II C2 1600  
45 Richard Worth Ford Puma C2 1679  
Class C3 Modified Cars Series Production over 1800cc
43 Alison Lock Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV C3 2300T  
42 Matthew Nichols TVR 3000M C3 3000  
41 Richard Williams Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car C3 3600  
40 Rupert Ryall Subaru Inpreza C3 2500  
39 Simon Pollock Toyota Mr2 Mk2 C3 1998T  
38 Stephen Moore Mitsubishi Evo 6 C3 2300T  
36 Wayne Shorney Audi TT C3 1800T  
35 John Fordy Porsche 911 RSR C3 3000  
34 Robert Lock Mini Cooper S R53 C3 1600T  
Class C4 Modified Cars Specialist Production – Car and Motor cycle engines
32 Nigel Holt Caterham 310R C4 1600  
31 Tim Monk Fisher Fury C4 1300T  
30 Zoe Kingham Westfield SEW SBD Westifield Ecoboost C4 1596T  
Class D1 Sports Libre Cars up to 1800cc
726 Simon Clemow Radical SR1 D1 1440
Dave Greenslade
10 Grahame Harden Radical PR6 D1 1615  
29 Matthew Price Radical sr3 D1 1340  
28 Michael Barlett Radical Prosport D1 1300  
27 Paul Davies Radical Clubsport D1 1098  
26 Dave Greenslade Radical SR1 D1 1440
Simon Clemow
Class D2 Sports Libre Cars over 1800cc
7 Simon Bainbridge SB Racing Chrono D2 4200T  
Class D3 Rally Cars any capacity
25 Mike Butler Ford Escort mk2 D3 1988  
24 Paul Arberry Vauxhall Chevette HS D3 2000  
Class E1 Racing Cars up to 1100cc
23 Mike Hawke Phoenix – Historic 750MC E1 850  
22 Nick Houston OMS Hornet E1 998  
11 Simon Wallis OMS 3000M E1 1070  
8 John Loudon Force TA E1 1070  
19 Mark Crookall OMS PR E1 998  
Class E2 Racing Cars over 1100cc up to 1600cc
18 Robert Tonge Force TA E2 1440  
17 Carole Torkington SBD OMS CF08 E2 1585  
16 Fyrth Crosse DEMPSTER ENSIGN LNF3 E2 1595  
4 Steve Broughton DJ SBD DJ Firehawk CT004 E2 1440  
Class E3 Racing Cars over 1600cc up to 2000cc
715 Gary Buckingham Reynard Formula Vauxhall E3 1998
Michael Froggett
6 Stephen Miles Van Diemen RF96mm2020 E3 1998  
15 Michael Froggett Raynard Formula Vauxhall E3 1998
Gary Buckingham
Class E4 Racing Cars over 2000cc
9 Graham Porrett Mygale SJ12 E4 1600T  
3 Graham Blackwell Mygale EcoBoost+ E4 1600T  
5 Pete Goulding Mygale X57RS E4 1598T  
Class A6 Bristol MX5 Challenge
403 Ben Crick Mazda MX5 A6 1999  
405 Ben Marshall Mazda MX5 A7 1999  
407 Huw Bowen Mazda MX5 A6 2000  
406 James Hurford mazda Mx5 A6 1840  
401 Aaron Sharp Mazda Mx5 A6 2000  
419 Paul Sunshine Mazda MX5 A6 1999  
413 Phil Oliver Mazda Mx5 A6 1840  



2. PARKING: There is adequate space for competing cars, trailers and one support vehicle in the paddock.
3. CIRCUIT LOCATION: The circuit is 5 miles NW of Chippenham on the B4039. Competitors should follow the
brown chequered flag road signs. Use junction 18 from M4 WEST, junction 17 from M4 EAST.
4. ARRIVAL: The circuit will be open for competitors from 15:00 to 19:00 on Friday 13th October (if arriving at
the circuit after 19.00 please contact the circuit on 01249 782417 as the gate may be locked) and from 07:00
onwards on Saturday 14th October. Camping is allowed in the paddock on the Friday night.
5. OVERNIGHT PARKING: Is allowed on Friday only. Overnight parking will not be permitted after the meeting
on Saturday night; all cars must vacate the venue at the end of the meeting on Saturday.
6. PADDOCK: The paddock will be laid out by class please park in the allocated space. Access to the start line
area will be via the gate adjacent to the Strawford Centre and will be controlled by the Paddock Marshal.
Please come to the gate promptly when called.
7. SIGNING-ON: This will be in person this year, in the drivers signing on area in the paddock. Competition
licences, Championship Registration Cards and Club Membership Cards will be inspected. Please bring these
with you. Drivers not signed on by 9.30 may be excluded.
8. ENGINES: Engines of competing cars must not be run before 08:30, except for the Sound Emissions test.
This is a Castle Combe Circuit planning order regulation and competitors contravening this regulation may
be excluded from the meeting.
9. SCRUTINEERING: Will take place in your paddock position.
10. SILENCING/SOUND EMISSION TESTING: Testing will also take place outside the Srawford Centre just before
Practice and random tests may be made at such other time and place as the Chief Scrutineer may decide.
Cars failing the test will not be permitted to compete and must not run their engines in the paddock, except
for a re-test. Action may be taken by the circuit management against those who fail to observe this
11. NON PUMP FUEL: Competitors using any fuel other than that obtainable at normal UK filling stations, must
display an orange Day-Glo disc adjacent to their competition number.
12. As there will be NO CONVOY RUNS, competitors are permitted to walk or cycle one full lap of the circuit
provided they are clear of the circuit by 08:30. The circuit will be open for this purpose at 07:15.Competitors
should allow 30 minutes for walking, and 10 minutes for cycling.
13. TYRE WARMING: Tyre warming by wheel spinning anywhere within the venue is strictly prohibited. Failure
to comply may result in exclusion from the competition. The use of any other artificial means of warming
vehicle tyres is also prohibited.
14. ASSEMBLY AREA: Please follow the assembly Marshals instructions. There is a 10MPH speed limit in this area
the same as the paddock. If entering the area from the pit lane entry for double drives be re-runs, be aware of other cars coming direct from the paddock. Driver changes should be done on the right hand side of the
pit lane, cars must not stop where they would block the rescue units.
15. PRACTICE: Is scheduled to start promptly at 09:00. Competitors will be called to the assembly area in class,
by the commentator or paddock marshal. Practice will follow the order as on the entry list. Practice run may
not be timed.
16. TIMED RUNS: Running order for the timed runs will be the same as for practice.
17. Double-driven cars should be at the start and end if their class either of the two drivers can go first. The
correct number must be shown for each driver.
18. Starting order: Individual starting order will be as determined by the formation area and start line
marshals. The start signal will be a green light, competitors to start promptly in their own time.
19. OVERTAKING: Competitors are reminded that overtaking is not permitted. A competitor who feels that he
has been “baulked” by a preceding car should apply to the Clerk of the Course for a re-run.
20. STARTS: Competitors start in their own time after a green light signal. An automatic light controlled vehicle
alignment system may be used.
21. FLAGS/Lights: On being shown a red flag or red light competitors MUST immediately slow down and [Q.15.1
(j)], unless otherwise directed, competitors should complete the lap at reduced speed and exit the circuit via
the pit lane entry road at the next opportunity, don’t complete another lap if you are on your first. Go to the
Paddock Marshal who will organise a re-run following authorisation from the Clerk of the Course.
22. AWARDS: All awards, except for Best Bristol MC (Castle Combe Plate), will be presented at the end of the
meeting. The presentations will be made in the Strawford Centre. Awards not collected on the day may not
be posted.

Bristol Motor Club hope you have an enjoyable day’s motorsport.
Paul Parker, Simon Mayo, Dave Potts, Mike Cole – Clerks of the Course
Adrian Taylor & Alan Want – Secretaries of the Meeting