2020 Bristol Two Litre Cup

2020 Bristol Two Litre Cup 2020 Bristol Two Litre Cup

For 2020, we are announcing a new championship; the Bristol Two Litre Cup!  The championship is designed to allow most normally aspirated cars of up to two litres to compete.  All cars will run in a road-legal condition with road-legal tyres.  However, unlike the usual classes, you won’t be put up against Touring Cars because you’ve removed the back seats or racing a Radical SR8 because you’ve put a 2 litre engine in a Corsa.  The technical regulations are as follows:

  • Vehicles must comply with Section S of the Motorsport UK Yearbook, fitting into one of the following categories:
    • S11 (Standard Cars)
    • S12 (Road Cars)
    • S13 (Modified Cars)
    • S14 (Sports Libre)
      • Vehicles complying with S14 must also comply with S13.4.
  • All vehicles must be based on a Series Production chassis as defined in S12.1.1.
  • All vehicles must have a steel chassis that must not be a spaceframe.
  • All vehicles must have a valid MOT.
  • Tyres must be from list 1A or 1B.
  • All vehicles must have a normally aspirated engine of below 2000cc originally fitted to a Series Production Vehicle.
  • Aerodynamic devices are specifically permitted in the context of J5.2.7.

This means that your car can compete provided it fits into any one of the four categories.  Close competition will come from limited power (2000cc normally aspirated) and limited grip (road tyres).

The full regulations can been found here.


The Bristol Two Litre Cup is an 8 round championship; one sprint at Clay Pigeon Raceway, two sprints at Castle Combe Circuit, two sprints at Llandow Circuit near Cardiff, one sprint at Pembrey and two hillclimbs at Manor Farm Hillclimb in Charmouth.

  • 15th March, Catch The Pigeon Sprint, Clay Pigeon Raceway
  • 21st March, Great Western Sprint, Castle Combe Circuit
  • 16th May, Llandow Sprint, Llandow Circuit near Cardiff
  • 6th June, Manor Farm Hillclimb, Charmouth
  • 7th June, Manor Farm Hillclimb, Charmouth
  • 18th July, Dick Mayo Sprint, Castle Combe Circuit
  • 15th August, Llandow Sprint, Llandow Circuit near Cardiff
  • 16th August, Pembrey Sprint, Pembrey Circuit, Wales

Are you interested?  What car would you use?  Let us know!  You can register for the championship with this form.

Here’s the championship table…

Here’s a sample of some of the different cars entered so far…

  • Citroen Xsara VTS
  • Ford Anglia
  • Ford Escort Mk1, Mk2 & Mk5
  • Ford Fiesta ST150
  • Honda Civic Type R
  • Mazda MX5
  • MG ZR170
  • Peugeot 106 GTi
  • Peugeot 306 Rallye
  • Renault Clio 172/182
  • Renault Clio 197/200
  • Toyota MR2 Roadster

2020 Bristol Two Litre Cup